Issue 4 has arrived! 


bedislandbooks said: How do I get one!?

usually calling me a badass and leaving an address in my ask works 💁😁

but on a lighter note, hey
packing for Austria yaaaay I can’t wait to get out of this hell hole*
*london. The place where ukip can put up fucking dumb offensive (racist/nationalistic) posters up and get funded by an even dumber rich racist cunt haha coOol

was just on the E4 live stream and saw the intro for Party House and there’s a guy called SHOEY jesus i hate british tv so much 

that flipped fucking photo is still on my mind 

my mum told me i used to sleep with a fork under my pillow when i was 4 years old


untitled by, vlvelvet on Flickr.

my photo has been flipped and i want to cry