my mum told me i used to sleep with a fork under my pillow when i was 4 years old


untitled by, vlvelvet on Flickr.

my photo has been flipped and i want to cry 

i can’t look at a closeup of a proboscis monkeys’ face. it’s actually terrifying. 

youtube russian rave forest


i’ve seen that! there was another one on youtube where the police tried to arrest this russian guy.. but he was ridiculously drunk so he made a phone call via a pack of cigarettes but kept getting angry about there being no signal. thanks tho! 

Someone inbox me something funny right now

I’m locked out of my own house while people are inside the house but their fucking phones are switched off and they’re in the garden



So it’s that time of the month again and the penultimate issue of the Sunday Singles Zine Club is nearly ready. As with last month there will be a minor delay with subscriptions going out in the post, unfortunately this cannot be helped and as always your tireless patience is well and truly appreciated!
I’m super happy and honoured to be working with even more awesome photographers in this next issue, so without any further shenanigans…
Sunday Singles Club Issue 4 
Featuring -
Monika Levchenkova
Rumi Baumann
Katherine Mitchell
Naomi Wood
Tosh Zayha
Jaclyn Wright
Levi Mandel
Vladislav Andrievsky
William Pitt
Emily Baker
Cover Image - Monika Levchenkova
(Pre-orders are still available for the next 48 hours, so if you want a copy, do not sleep on it!)


if you don’t think lea seydoux is hot as hell we have nothing in common and i don’t wanna be friends with you

higherthanhigh-lowerthandeep said: IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY

not yet but it FEELS LIKE IT nancy help 

Your photos have a good style to them. I like them a lot.


i like u a lot 

i don’t want to be 21 how do i stop this